marin equity coalition

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Marin Equity Summit Program

November 10, 2016 8AM - 5PM

Marin Center Exhibit Hall

8:00 - Registration, Breakfast, and Networking

9:00 - Dr. Grant Colfax, Director, Health and Human Services of County of Marin—Welcoming Remarks

9:15 - Kristen Brock MA, Executive Director, Community Action Marin—Celebrating 50 years—Framing of the day

9:30 - Miguel Gavaldón, Trustee, Marin Community Foundation—First 5 Breakfast survey outcomes

9:40 - Keynote Speaker: Lateefah Simon, Executive Director, Akonadi Foundation—Eliminating Institutional and Structural Racism: Promoting Racial Equity & Community Engagement

10:10 - Roger Crawford JD, Equal Employment Officer, Marin County Human Resources and Community Action Marin Board Member— Inspiring Courageous Leadership for Equity

10:20 - Keynote Speaker: Dan Daniels Sr., President, NAACP and Health and Human Services/Probation— The History of Racism and Segregation in Marin

10:35 - Break

10:45 - Break Entertainment—Jane Kramer—Enriching Lives through Music—Children’s Performance

10:50 - Keynote Speaker: Dr. Wm. Jahmal Miller MHA, Deputy Director of Health Equity for California Department of Public Health—Statewide Efforts in Health Equity and California Reducing Disparities Program

11:15 - Steve Kinsey, Board President, Marin County Board of Supervisors 4th District— Role of Government and Elected Officials in promoting race equity work

11:20 - Government Alliance for Race Equity Laying It on the Line Exercise

11:30 - Dr. Cío Hernández, Senior Departmental Analyst with Health and Human Services of County of Marin— ¡Viva Marin! Latino Health in Marin: A Data, Policy, and Action Guide.

11:45 - Jaime Peñaherrera, MBA, MA, Diversity & Community Partnerships— Los Cién: The Importance of Community Organizing for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

12:00 – Lunch

12:15 - Lunch Entertainment by Young Emerging Leaders Drummers

12:25 - Van Jones JD, CNN Contributor—Equity Challenge Video!

12:35 - Max Korten MS, Acting Director and General Manager at Marin Parks, Sara Jones MLS, PhDc), Director of County Library Services, and Diana Lopez, Librarian at Marin County Libraries—highlight the County’s Equity work

1:00Lt. John Liu MA, retired Fremont Police Department and Operations Director of San Francisco Fire— Gender and racial inequities in extreme sports

1:15 - Miguel Gavaldón, Trustee, Marin Community Foundation—Living Equity Agenda focus areas, Calls to Action framing

1:30 - Clicker vote: Are we on track with these focus areas?

1:45 - Panel presentation on Calls to Action Opportunities:

  • Community Cohesion for Safety—Don Carney, Director Restorative Justice, YMCA

  • Education—Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz, Founding Executive Director E3

  • Race/segregation—Tom Wilson, Former Executive Director, Canal Alliance

  • Economics and Employment—Leona Bridges MBA, Board Commissioner, San Francisco Employee Retirement System

  • Housing/homelessness—Dr. Mary Kay Sweeney, Executive Director, Homeward Bound

  • Food Insecurity—Alexandra Danino, Senior Programs Coordinator, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

2:30 - Break

2:45 - Living Equity Agenda and group work

4:30 - Nancy Johnson, Chairperson, Marin City Community Service District— Martin Luther King, Be the Dream Breakfast and tribute

4:45 - Closing Remarks

5:00 - Adjourn