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Parents and supporters upset about the quality of education at Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy protest on Thursday in front of the campus in Marin City. Robert Tong — Marin Independent Journal

Last week was something. The following are our highlights:

ISOJI-MDT attended and help support Hannah/SAGE community educational concerns in an 8 am well-attended protest outside the MLK Middle school.  This is a school district where inequities dominate its operational inadequacies and severely handicapped local students to the degree of having the paradoxical distinction of serving students 100% organic meals (first in the Nation) while 75% of 8 grade students cannot read at grade level.   Absurd. 


  1. Request the County and/or State Office of Education to immediately devise and implement a plan that ensures that our children get the same quality of  education as other  Marin County School children receive.
  2. Appoint an Education Reform Committee, composed of two Bayside/MLK parents, two community stakeholders, two Marin City residents, two District Board members, and one representative the Marin County Board of Education Office to oversee plan implementation and LCAP compliance
  3. Require SMCSD Board to renegotiate the Memorandum of Understanding with Willow Creek to apportion funding consistent with full funding of Bayside/MLK LCAP goals and priorities
  4. Restore all credentialed and classified staff to make Bayside/MLK fully functional.
  5. Restore educational enrichment programs, including art, music, foreign language and afterschool sports 
  6. Ensure that 504 plan requirements (equity for disabled)  are met.

ISOJI additional demand -- Coordinator

In accordance with LCAP requirements and the proposed  Community Schools structure with community members as major stakeholders in the educational systems, we are requesting our educational system decision-makers appoint a community member or someone/team  very familiar with community social systems to be the coordinator of community assets/engagement (parents, programs, services, practices, and available  resources) - particularly if this position already funded.    

ISOJI-MDT demand

In keeping with the Community School purposed structure  and the need for a coordinator that has the deep knowledge of the community, its history, families and assets; and that person works closely with ISOJI-MDT tracking the status of equity for public disclosure, transparency and for  investment purposes (funders, foundations ,etc.  ISOJI believes Marin City needs to own its data and vet those who will use it regardless of the purpose. 

ISOJI-MDT would like to see, strongly suggesting a ASAP a strategy session for  educational planners move quickly to sort out impending programs and systems, roles for supportive players to include the status the following. Something like the following may already be in the mix; but we have not received any correspondence suggesting these types of actions:

  1. Hiring criteria for a community-schools coordinator for community and family engagement (above)
  2. PBIS School-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention Support Program  (see Juanita Edwards)
  3. California Collaboration of Educational Excellence CCEE -- role and expectations
  4. Credentialing Process: case in point: Deborah Jones (current sub)
  5. SAGE ( advocacy;  and when SMCSD  workplans and/or timelines are made available to the public
  6. Hannah project/Bettie Hodges has contacted a parent training organizations (name TBA); but need to integrate this resource into the mix (Sorry Bettie, couldn’t remember the org’s name)
  7. MDT multi-disciplinary team and their school interns have to be factored into the mix
  8. Community Connectors (Michael Tabb/Juanita Edwards) have a definitive role in connecting community resources to school operatives/environment. 
  9. ISOJI roles in tracking, monitoring, reporting on the status of community equity, especially SMCSD -- this is a public accountability function that has been missing from the community narrative.  In addition, ISOJI-MDT is overseeing behavioral health interns 5 days a week in the school system.   
  10. Other Issues that require strategic actions  

ISOJI and its equity team will be acquiring an universal database for community use that thoroughly identifies all community active entities (orgs, projects, works) to be backed up by a communications plan and system.

A meeting will be scheduled for an  ASAP agenda,  with the CSD, MLK coalition (representing multiple agencies) , SMCSD Board members to do preliminary design work, and explore  the  need of a stakeholder's response communications system/network -- a major part of which should be technology-driven. 

If anyone wants to respond to or contribute to content of this note, please respond to the email address or call me, Ricardo, 415 883-1757.

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