Marin Equity Summit Raw Chart Notes - Education
Education - Group #1


  • Early childhood is important
  • Trust = people get taken advantage of
  • ?unintentional? Barriers to employment equity/diversity
  • Support parents
  • How small unintended structural changes = big impact segregated schools
  • Overly simplistic, privileged/ entitled assumption of choice and ability to “just do it”
  • Language barriers -> lead to other barriers
    • To Do Idea – More engagement/ mtgs. in other languages will shift us
  • Hire already here
  • Achievement usually always boils down to poverty.
  • What are the edeq issues?
    • Parent engagement
    • Family life
    • Teacher layoff system perpetuates inequity
    • Funding inequity (PTA, foundations, prop. tax, etc.)
  • Differentiation is complicated and academic tracking creates segregated social groups
  • Social values – Individualistic vs. Collective Good
  • Size of Community Too big + disconnected to care
  • Desire for change but have barriers of time to engage, and aversion to risk.
  • Structural racism (food, childcare, accessible…)


  • Reduce Structural Barriers > Make them visible
  • College readiness a-g
  • Bilingual and multicultural education
  • Career ready
  • Create more proximity with others not a like
  • Change by pockets of disruption or from change of system from within?
  • Integrate cultural competency awareness in the workplace: county and school districts
  • Too many districts -> Discuss openly educational funding inequality

Education -Group #2

1. Data is startling and not OK!
2. To move forward, race needs to be part of the conversation every day.
3. Building bridges – of awareness and action from “choir” to others in Marin. Get the word out! But…
4. Race and equity – not everyone is comfortable talking about it (Because it isn’t comfortable!)
5. Different levels of proficiency (cultural competency inserted) and take any platform you. We can open up the space and meet
people where they are.
6. Even though Marin votes liberal, we are unwilling to engage in this work (i.e. housing, education)
7. Leading by example and making ourselves vulnerable will help push this work (relationships matter).
8. We are excited and optimistic.
9. There is great work happening. How can we connect it all and build from success?
10. Segregation in housing/affordable housing leads to inequities (segregation) in education.
11. December 7 Marin Promise Convening educators
12. Education and Work needs to be within the eco-system and work aligned will be more powerful.
14. Tension between this work taking time and urgency (Education)
15. We need to more successfully engage all parents and meet them where they are

30 years

  • Social/ economic diversity in schools and community
  • What will “school” look like? We probably don’t know… (arrow to 2028)


  • Marin Promise and No opportunity gap in Marin.
  • Seems doable, but each increment is.
  • Continue to build institutions that are learning organizations and more adaptable to changing knowledge.

1 Year (Or Near)

  • Specific milestones that we’re all working toward
  • More transparency county wide and opportunity gap thermometers (“reading levels”)
  • Districts prioritize equity. Money helps, but practices need to be aligned

Education – Group #3

  • Fear-based assumptions of “The Other”
  • There is a lot of collaboration and resources in Marin. Why can’t or haven’t we “fixed” this.
  • Education is a priority.
  • All children are our children.
  • Our schools are not equitable.
  • Adding “in my lifetime” to the end of the pledge.
  • Gender equality and women/ girls are proud to be strong & physical.

Untitled Section

  • Maria in West Marin’s talk – vision connect schools with housing
  • Schools provide stability.
  • Therapeutic teaching and foster care
    • Foster parents get support needed (i.e., childcare…)

Concrete Steps

  • Schools are community hubs (Environment good for kid and fams.)
    • The schools is the kid’s school
    • Comprehensive services
    • PSA’s on equity/inclusiveness
    • Mentorship – family to family
  • Policy change that ensure stability of the kids in school (e.g. renter protection)
    • raise awareness about the effect of income inequality on education, schools/ districts/ community
  • Cross cultural/ economic house exchanges. 1wk 4 students * MA/Richmond.
  • Equal distribution of $ resources all schools

Untitled Section

  • Social (Cultural) learning in schools/ curriculum
  • Relationships @
  • Enrichment equality in schools

Education – Group #4


  • Diverse communities
  • Diverse teaching staff
  • Multiple languages
  • Bilingual education
  • Universal Pre-K
  • Shift from obsessive singular focus on achievement gap to holistic focus on gifts of diverse children
  • Greater resources to support/provide tools for all teachers with special/ diverse needs integrated into classroom
  • Advocacy for kids w/ special needs who are not getting served appropriately whose parents can’t advocate
  • Non-profits & philanthropy laser-focused on root causes
  • One unified school district so $ money can be spent on children vs. administrators
  • Transparency in how/who spread Edfunds are spent
  • Schools with holistic services to support families (health insur., supportive svces., legal)
  • Reduced fear

Shorter Term Goals

  • Why did Measure A not pass – analysis/assessment
  • Monthly/ regular meetings wide community collaboration about education issues to help (arrow up) greater focused attn. across non-profits
  • Limit/ ban for-profit charter schools
  • Leveraging collective power & privilege
    • Existing models
  • Concern about lack of advancement on equity initiatives
  • Power of personal narratives to bind ppl.
  • “Sincere ignorance & unconscious stupidity”
  • “Equity” is tangible; allows avoidance of discussions of equality
    • Cop-out & why 20 yrs. have gone by
    • Equityand what someone else is going to give us
    • Equality = What we deserve
  • Leaving out ½ of the story
  • Power of conditioning – limiting power, internalized oppression, education systems reproduce
  • White administrators/ policy makers/ decision-makers critically intentional movement of POC -> decision-makers (arrow down to next section Transformed 2046)
  • What are we going to do to protect our immigrant families in Marin in light of election?

Transformed 2046

  • Living wage
  • POC as administrators & policy-makers
  • Recognition of power of bilingualism
    • Appreciating and building on that as a skillset
    • More inclusive primary bilingual options
  • Looking inward thru community to consider use of privileges
  • Culturally relevant curriculum/ multi-cultural curriculum
  • Cohort of multi-cultural teachers & administrators in all schools
  • Dismantling fear