Marin Equity Summit Raw Chart Notes
Food Insecurity

Group Members - Becky Gershen, Meg Davidson, Sheila Kopf, Florencia Parada, Cher, Michelle Fadelli, Juanita Strender, Raquel Pasion, Steve Schwartz, June Farmer, Anna Piloton, Reba Meiqs, Alexandra Danino 

Anti-Food Insecurity
Most Compelling:
  • We can’t wait for others; we have the right people to make the change.
  • Privileges on skin color.
  • Colorblind – transforming communities, holding accountability, investing in the people.
  • Not having the equal amount of tools and resources.
  • Having fireside chats
  • Storytelling on racism
  • Having an advocate to support clients on public assistance
  • Changing hiring practices
  • Dr. Grant Colfax’s message on equity work in Marin, the intention that it comes from a higher level – appreciation.
  • Provide a safe space for our vulnerable population on the fears due to the hard times ahead.
  • Having law enforcement part of the conversations to support communities in fear.
  • Offer education classes to buyers (?) on the safety in applying for public benefits.
  • Do a little more, get up an hour earlier!

3 years

  • Food procurement – from local producers
  • Strong school – farm connection (& curriculum)
  • Have a county plan for how to fill in gaps created by next federal administration.
  • ‘Strong Start’ – like program/tax
  • Soda tax -> maybe $$ raised is used to fill Calfresh funding gaps.
  • CF enrollment process & client experience
  • Cultural competency trainings
  • Great CF experience/ process no matter where you live in Marin
  • All people applying for Medi-Cal are also helped w/CF application.
  • “Food as Medicine” – engaged medical community in food security for clients. (doc. time spent on food referrals is reimbursed)
  • Hospitals have farmer’s markets on-site!
  • Rotacare – food there for people.


Untitled Section

  • Shared calendar
  • Calfresh marketing
  • Campaign w/positive messaging
    • Posters, videos, etc.