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Options for Golden Gate Village, Marin City

marin cityThis is a "sneak peak" at the draft report on options for Golden Gate Village, Marin City. The challenges are great. The causes of the decline in the condition of Golden Gate Village and the wide disparity between conditions in Marin City and the rest of the County are outlined. The community has come together to fight for the preservation of the community and prevent displacement.  Funding remains an issue and it's clear that no cookie-cutter approach will do the job. Please read this with an eye towards how can Marin City survive and thrive.

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CASA lays the foundation for consensus on housing solutions


Late last fall, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) took the first steps toward the development of a regional, nine-county Bay Area housing strategy with the approval of a new task force coined CASA — the Committee to House the Bay Area.  With this action, MTC has stepped into a leadership role around housing, working to respond to supply, affordability, and displacement/gentrification, all issues of concern to the region.

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How the healthcare system can invest in housing

dr bambergerSpeaker, Joshua Bamberger MD, MPH, June 6, 2017 – 2-4PM

Location:  Marin County Office of Education, Hollis Hall. 1111 Las Gallinas Ave San Rafael 94903

Description: Dr. Bamberger will present on how the healthcare system can invest in housing to improve outcome for people living with homelessness, mental illness and chronic medical conditions.  Examples from a 9 community study will be highlighted.

Registration: Please register for the Speaker through Eventbrite:

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Tax Watch: President Trump's HUD deals Westchester a housing setback

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has rejected Westchester's latest analysis of how local zoning codes impede the development of fair housing

Tax Watch columnist David McKay Wilson explores how President Donald Trump's HUD department issued a rejection to Westchester County's fair housing legal battle.

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Marin Housing Conference - April 5, 2017

housing conference

Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California is pleased to present the upcoming 2017 Conference:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Check-in starts at 9:00 am.)
Marin Center Showcase Theater
10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael, CA 94903

Keynote Speaker:
John P. Relman, Managing Partner
Relman, Dane & Colfax PLLC
Special Guest:
James Perry, President, CEO
Winston-Salem Urban League

​And other local and national experts

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Why is Marin County So White?

Take a trip through some pivotal moments in Marin history that contributed to its demographics today. Bay Curious is a podcast from KQED that answers your questions about the Bay Area.

Six years ago, Henry Ma moved to the Bay Area with his wife from New York City. They settled in San Rafael — the perfect location between both of their jobs.

When they had two girls, he started to notice something about where he lived in Marin County.

“Our daughter was the only Asian in the school of 72 kids,” Ma said.

It made him wonder: “The Bay Area is one of the most diverse places in the country. Within the Bay Area, why is Marin County the least diverse?”

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Henry Ma lives in San Rafael (Courtesy of Henry Ma)

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“Talk to Your Friends About Zoning”

: A PSA Campaign for the NIMBY in Your Life

Let’s have a laugh at those hapless millennials, shall we? Half of them seem to live with their parents—and the other half couldn’t live without them!

Henry Grabar Henry Grabar

Henry Grabar is a staff writer for Slate’s Moneybox.

No one should be permitted to revel in the schadenfreude about millennial living arrangements without confronting what’s behind them: the sky-high cost of renting in U.S. cities. A growing number of frustrated young people lay the problem at the feet of the anti-development baby boomer, thwarting efforts to expand the housing stock and driving up his own home value in the process.

In practice, that means pushing planners to reject high-cost projects (“gentrification!”) and low-cost projects (“crime rates!”) and everything in between (“neighborhood character!”).

It’s a classic case of a seemingly innocuous attitude that, perpetuated over and over again in hundreds of different meetings and across residential neighborhoods, has worked to effectively constrain the housing supply, endowing one generation with a windfall in home values and dooming the next to a lifetime of rent payments.

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Marin Healthy Homes Project

healthy homes legal aid

This study, conducted by Legal Aid of Marin and the Human Impact Partners, helps to document the conditions of rental properties in Marin and the policies of Novato, San Rafael and the County of Marin.  

Often times, renters are exposed to adverse health conditions within their residences and their recourse to landlords are limited.  

This report documents the conditions found and makes policy recommendations on how adverse conditions may be resolved. 

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