marin equity coalition

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Marin Equity Summit Raw Chart Notes – Housing and Homelessness
Housing and Homelessness
  • Community platform
  • White resistance/classism
  • $ (down arrow) < $1000/month income (L arrow) share
  • Near homelessness – also impacted
  • Workforce housing
    • Employer responsibility/interest
  • Childcare
  • Conversation (extend eviction notice # of days, consider Section 8 to avoid eviction)
  • House an artist
  • Homeshare/Comfortable-matched roommates to combat isolation
  • $ Median income not accurate different income groups
  • 200% of FPL ->
  • Environmental issues/building on open space
  • Mixed use zoning “new urbanism”
  • Mixed income office parks
  • MRH – Market Rate Housing too (arrow up) $$
    • Neighborhoods/low income housing advocate to maintain rents against pressure and MRH
  • West Marin/Point Reyes displacement -> communities, local workers (ranches)
  • Microcommunities
    • Shipping containers/creativity
  • Disconnect – Park has concern for owners not connected to the workers
  • Lack of internet access/signal weakness in West Marin and effect on children and students
  • Overcrowding – workers + good income doesn’t suffice for area they work in/ live in
  • Talking points – refute ‘capitalist myth’ of employment = enough $ for housing
  • Section 8 discrimination – unincorporated areas policy change
  • Rent Control (arrow up$) policy change/ tenant’s rights
  • Low income/ affordable housing – adverse neighborhoods to listen directly to concerns/ hear personal stories
    • Had met with some success (Homeward Bound)
  • Public/ Private Partnerships – White allies to apply resources/privilege (YMCA racial justice program
  • JR. 2 nd Units, CALM, MAC Collaborative -> email lists
  • Quiet small low income/ affordable housing pockets – under radar
    • Church sponsored


Key Concepts – Affordable Housing/Homelessness

  • Displacement
  • Stress – emotional and health impact about fear of finding affordable housing
  • Immigrant deportation
    • Risk/ fear and DACA/ DAPA rescinded
  • Nimbyism – racism/ classism
  • Multi-use zoning needed
  • Dialogue + education – reach out to landlords
  • Hope, re-engage

Next Steps #1

  • Meet with Cities – discrimination ban enforcement
  • Workforce housing
    • $$$ and leaving Marin
    • (up arrow) increased traffic
  • Create online platform
    • Matching seniors/ work exchange for (down arrow) rent
    • Incentives/ securities for landlords
    • Tell personal stories
  • Work w/ Parks Dept. – inadequate housing conditions in Pt. Reyes
  • Outreach Campaign – MALT, SEASHORE
  • Connect to resources/services: West Marin Collaborative, Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Pressure commercial developers to add a variety of housing (MR, BMR, low income) above any new big box stores/ strip malls
  • Speak up/ attend mtgs. to revisit no overnight parking/ sleeping in cars
  • Community organizing for rent control ordinances/ gather signatures and get it on the ballot