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Racial Equity and the Role of Local Governments

Three core beliefs:

From the inception of our country, government at the local, regional, state and federal level has played a role in creating and maintaining racial inequity. A wide range of laws and policies were passed, including everything from who could vote, who could be a citizen, who could own property, where one could live and more. Because of this history, racial inequities exist across all indicators for success, including in education, criminal justice, jobs, housing, public infrastructure and health.

A focus on racial equity in local governments is critically important to getting different outcomes in our communities.

Local and regional governments have the ability to implement policy change at multiple levels and across multiple sectors to drive larger systemic change.

The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) is a national network of government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all.

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Putting Racism on the Table

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"...How we look at ourselves and what we know about ourselves have a powerful influence on what we do, or don’t do, to acknowledge challenges in our community and create opportunities for people of widely different backgrounds to thrive.
This report is an important step in doing just that..." ~ Thomas Peters, Ph.D.

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